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TIROCC is Trauma Informed Recovery Oriented Community of Care and represents the growth and expansion of the previous Recovery Oriented System of Care. This community effort was ignited by the Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Board’s goal to include organizations outside of the behavioral health system in the Trauma-Informed movement.

In 2015, the Richland County Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Board contracted with L, Harrison, a specialist in the organizational implementation of Trauma-Informed processes both internally and externally. Organizations involved in the process were initially assessed as to their current level of practices. Based on the report, they each developed a strategic plan that will allow them to address the areas where they needed to change or adjust, but also to capitalize on the areas where they were are already doing well.

The results of these efforts have shown impressive internal organizational growth in the areas of trauma-informed awareness, process improvements, relational interactions, services development and cross-provider collaborations.

The TIROCC Community of Care Committee and the TIROCC Community of Care Steering Committee were also developed during this time to ensure community input and oversight.

With results like these, it is essential the TIROCC program continues. The Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Board has included TIROCC into its 5-year plan to ensure its continued progress and tie into the Bi-Annual Community Plan required by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The Community of Care Project (the shortened name) originally included the following organizations: The Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, Catalyst Life Services, Community Action for Capable Youth (CACY), Family Life Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Mansfield Urban Minority Alcohol and Drug Abuse Outreach Program (UMADAOP) & The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Richland County.

By 2018 this certification will be available for all social service providers, agencies, and business choosing to become Trauma Informed.

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