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Suicide Prevention Coalition

The Richland County Suicide Prevention Coalition began in February of 2004 in response to community concern about the growing number of suicide related deaths in Richland County. In 2003, at least 22 Richland County residents lost their lives to suicide, almost twice the average suicide rate for the three preceding years. In 2016 statistic show that there were 16 suicides in Richland County.

Mission Statement
To reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts in Richland County in partnership with the community.

Coalition Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase awareness to reduce stigma
              and encourage individuals to seek help.

1.  Educate the public about the scope of suicide as a problem in Richland County, and publicize
     the effectiveness of mental health services through newspaper articles and T.V. interviews.

2.  Work with local school superintendents, principals and universities to:

         a.  Include mental health and suicide prevention education sessions for students,
         b.  Expand access to student counseling and wellness services, and
         c.  Provide gatekeeper training for school/college personnel.

Goal 2: Reduce factors that increase the risk of suicide.

1.  Improve the ability of healthcare providers (pediatricians, family practitioners, and home
     health agencies) to intervene through training of physicians, nurses and other primary
     healthcare providers.

Goal 3: Gather data about suicide attempts and evaluate
              effectiveness of programs designed to prevent suicide.

1.  Develop Data Collection/Evaluation Committee, which will compile public records   data on
     suicide attempts and deaths throughout the county. The committee will share public records
     information from police about individuals with suicide attempts with the Coalition and utilize
     outcomes to educate providers regarding community needs.

2.  Identify risk factors and high-risk individuals leading to more effective intervention. The
     desired outcome in accomplishing this would be reduction in the number of suicide attempts,
     repeated suicide attempts and suicides.

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